Cappatagle & Kilrickle

Parish Priest: Bishop John Kirby
Tel: (091) 843 017

Assistant Priest:  
Tel: (091) 843 015

Cappatagle, from the Irish Ceapach an tSeagail, means Meadow of Rye.
Kilrickle is named in memory of a local woman - Richill, who was also a contemporary of Saint Patrick.
This is a rural parish with the village of Kilrickle as the main concentration of population.


  Cappatagle Kilrickle
 Patron of Church    
 Saturday Evening    6.30p.m.
 Sunday  11.00a.m.  
 Weekdays  9.30a.m. - Wed. & Thurs.,     8p.m. -Fri.   9.00a.m. Mon. & Tues.    7p.m. - Fri.


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