Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Byrnes
Tel: (090) 974 1092


Originally dedicated to Saint Molaisse, the present parish is dedicated to Saint Brigid. The parish title of Lickmolassy and Kilmalinogue denotes the regions of Portumna, Gortanumera and Boula.

  St. Brigid's Church Gortanumera Boula
 Patron of Church      
 Saturday Evening  Vigil Mass 6.30 pm    
 Sunday  10.30 a.m.  9.15a.m.  





 From Ash Wednesday, Mon., Tues. & Wed. 10am

 From 30th March, Thurs. & Fri. 7pm


 Vigil 6.30p.m. Feast Day 10.00am


Mass in Boula and Gortanumera is on alternative months.

From its earliest history the parish has been served by monks from Devenish, Cistercians, Dominicans and since the 19th century by diocesan clergy. The old name of the Parish was KILMALINOGUE AND LIKMOLASSEY. It is both an Urban and Rural Parish with over 560 Families and bordering the Shannon to the West.

There are three Churches in the Parish:
1. St. Brigid's Church
2. Gortanumera Church of the Ascension
3. The Church of S.S Peter & Paul, Boula

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