Review of Safeguarding Practice

Review of Safeguarding Practice - Diocese/Order: Clonfert.


Recommendation Action-
National Office Response
Bishop Kirby must ensure the finalisation of the Clonfert Diocese Safeguarding Policy and Procedures as a matter of urgency.
A reader-friendly summary version should accompany the full procedures.
Bishop Kirby, with assistance from his committee, priests of the diocese and those with communications skills in the diocese, should launch, distribute and ensure the implementation of the policy and procedures. Completed
Jan-Feb 2012
As Clonfert is within the Metropolitan Area of the Tuam Archdiocese, Bishop Kirby should consider seeking the support of Safeguarding personnel of that Archdiocese in completing this essential work in the shortest possible time. Done Satisfied
Bishop Kirby should divest himself of the responsibility for dealing with allegations alone by ensuring that all new allegations are referred to the Designated Persons for them to notify the statutory authorities, respond to complainants and put in place any risk management plans for respondents. New cases should all be recorded using the NBSCCCI case file template. Done Satisfied
Clonfert Diocese should join the new National Case Management Advisory Group (NCMRG) established by the NBSCCCI and seek advice from them on all future reports of a concern, complaint or allegation of child abuse. Joined
Bishop Kirby should appoint a Support Person for victims at the point of disclosure.  Were The Support Person to attend all initial interviews with complainants alongside the Designated Person, this would allow the complainant to meet the Support Person and initiate a relationship. Done
Mr Liam Curley 
In all cases Bishop Kirby should write to complainants upon receipt of a credible allegation offering support and counselling  Done Satisfied
It is recommended that following the removal of a priest from public ministry, Bishop Kirby set down in writing the restrictions imposed on the respondent and the relevant supervision, management and reporting arrangements that will apply.  Done Satisfied
Bishop Kirby should stand down the current Safeguarding Committee.  Done
A new Safeguarding Committee should be appointed to implement the new policy and procedures and to monitor safeguarding practice across the diocese.  Done
Bishop Kirby should appoint an overall Safeguarding Co-ordinator to ensure that all personnel are aware of their roles and responsibilities, that they are supported and monitored in carrying out their responsibilities. Done
Mrs Mary Gormley